Corporations are faced with the unenviable task of trying to defend their networks against various types of intrusive attacks.  While it’s true that many companies are vulnerable, weekly news of the next breach occurs and technology environments have gotten increasingly complex. It is increasingly harder than ever to watch over your entire infrastructure.

Digital4nx Group is proud to announce that it has released its annual Cyber Vigilance™ program.  

This proactive annual service is designed to simulate a real-world attack on your network, without the end-goal of causing harm, in order to identify, prioritize and remediate information security issues and potential exposures which could cause various risks for the organization.  

For one low monthly payment, we offer a complete solution of services, year round, to help keep you protected and focused on the most current threat vectors. 

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Rob Kleeger

Digital4nx Group, Ltd., 8 South Main Street - Unit 70, Marlboro Township, NJ, 07746, United States

Rob Kleeger is the Founder and Managing Director of Digital4nx Group, a boutique firm which offers regional digital forensics services for plaintiffs and defendants in various civil and criminal legal matters. Digital4nx Group provides Digital Forensic Investigations, Electronic Discovery Consulting and Advisory Service, Incident Response to Data Breaches and Cyber Security services.

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