Digital Forensics, also known as computer forensics,is a unique combination of science and art. A digital forensic examiner uses active and non-active data as well as “system-generated information”, such as link files and registry entries, on computer systems to roll back time and paint a coherent picture of how a system was used.

Digital4nx Group’s digital forensic examiners analyze files and artifacts left behind on a storage media after being copied, deleted or compromised while strictly complying with the rules of evidentiary preservation to avoid spoliation; a critical objective of digital forensics.

Using proven techniques along with best-in class tools, our experienced digital forensic examiners can safely retrieve and analyze all potential data on a computer systems (even deleted files) as well as mobile phones, USB devices, GPS devices, DVR's, and more.

We are dedicated to making the results of our digital examinations understandable to both technical and non-technical people. It is essential that once evidence is extracted, a judge, jury,opposing counsel and our client's team completely understand the evidence obtained from the digital forensic examination – our expert witness testimony is clear, concise and professional.

For over a decade, we have advised countless clients and handled various types of litigation and legal disputes in various State and Federal courts, which include the following crimes facilitated by computers:

  • Data Theft

  • Restricted Covenant & Non-Compete

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Discrimination

  • Theft of IP

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Embezzlement

  • Bankruptcy

  • FINRA/SEC/HIPAA Inspections or Violations.

  • Securities Fraud

  • Matrimonial related matters

  • White Collar Criminal

  • many more.

Expert Review

Knowledge is power – being in the dark and waiting for the other side to produce the electronic evidence first will hurt your case. We provide digital forensic expert testimony and offer deliverables you can use to clearly and concisely present the electronic evidence for your case. Depend on us for professional, intelligent and credible interpretation of the data to help you find "the smoking gun."

When the opposing side brings in a computer expert witness, you need to review their reports and testimony. You and your legal team need professional expert review. Digital4nx Group will carefully consult with your team as a digital forensics expert witness to test the validity, accuracy and scientific merits of opposing counsels’ report about computers, networks, email and other digital components.

We are not just digital forensic examiners - We are the translators of digital information.


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