Early Case Assessment (ECA) services for clients involve the proper identification, preservation, analysis, and interpretation of electronically stored information.

We assist litigation counsel and the client by analyzing and synthesizing evidence from multiple sources, collaborating with the client to develop an initial case strategy and formulating a preliminary discovery and litigation plan that will advance that strategy on the road to a successful resolution. Cases are won by identifying clear litigation objectives and then building a litigation plan that is focused on achieving those goals.

We provide a spreadsheet that will include additional file attributes such as creation date/time, last accessed date/time, last written date/time, path/location of a file, file size etc. This type of analysis is a preliminary step to pave the way to isolating the most relevant and useful data, and how it was misused.

Conducting an ECA on a hard drive device which may establish a user’s various trends such as installation of programs, mass deletions of files, link files which may provide details of the directories a particular file was accessed from and whether a file has been accessed, copied or otherwise tampered with from a shared or company directory (corporate server). We can also determine whether an unauthorized program was installed, such as a data wiping program and much more.

In many matters, a broad analysis will involve determining whether or not a machine was in use during a specific date range or a particular time range.

In addition, Digital4nx Group can deploy clandestine software to monitor and investigate an employee’s computer activities.   The solution also can assist in the detection and prevention of data breaches and data leaks, enforces compliance needs, computer usage policies, enforcement of protecting confidential information or IP, regulatory compliance such as safeguarding Personal Identifying Information (PII), HIPPA, etc., and provide insight into maximizing productivity and efficiency.

The bottom line is that we provide solutions to proactively prevent potential problems, and provide information which can be used as leverage when proprietary information has been copied, e-mailed or printed without authorization by current or former employees, and or “record” digital activities which can be used for a later investigation.

In short, the ECA should include the full skill set that an experienced litigator draws upon to seize the advantage from his or her adversary and develop a proactive strategy for winning the case.

Digital4nx Group's seasoned consultants assist you in developing and implementing custom strategies and technologies to achieve your legal and investigative objectives.   Some of the solutions and methods our consultants employ include:

  • Defensible ESI Practices: We identify and confirm critical data filtering terms. Our consultants are familiar with the proper size and diversity of source data to ensure that a representative data set holds up under scrutiny.

  • Developing Search Strategies: Select the most effective search methodology (e.g., concept vs. keyword searching) and the best search terms to effectively and defensibly identify what time frames, individuals and subject matters are the most relevant.

  • Testing & Validating Data: Run queries and repeatedly test, analyze, sample and validate data by measuring and analyzing its response to various key terms. 

Digital4nx Group’s consultants have a wealth of legal, technical and industry expertise, making them uniquely qualified to craft early data assessment strategies for your particular needs while following best practices.

Our consultants bridge the gap between legal strategy and technology by identifying and mitigating risks prior to litigation.

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