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Kleeger speaks to The Judicial College of the Administrative Office of the Courts, New Jersey Superior Court

Rob Kleeger was honored to have been selected as a faculty member to the 2007-2008 New Jersey Superior Court Judicial College of the Administrative Office of the Courts. The presentation was entitled: “Electronically Stored Information: Where Technology Meets The Law – If It Hasn’t Been In Your Courtroom Yet, It Will!”  

Through education and training, the Administrative Office of the Courts strives to enhance the ability of judges to deal with the volume of cases more expeditiously, surely and equitably than their present performance.  

The program will focus on the duty of judges to recognize and respond appropriately to ethical breaches and unprofessional conduct by attorneys, as well as the need for judges to be alert to situations that may expose them to allegations of judicial misconduct or inappropriate behavior. The goal of the Commission on Professionalism in the Law is to provide information and assistance so that judges can more effectively perform their duties and ensure that attorneys meet the standards of the legal profession.

The Judicial College is part of the Judicial Education Program, which primary goals are to refine the formal training activities for new judges and experienced judges with new assignments, to strengthen and expand continuing education programs for all judges, to develop programs which address the distinct educational needs of judges who work in highly specialized areas of law, and to provide training opportunities which improve public access to and knowledge of the judicial system. The Judicial College provides judges with a wide range of academic programs to keep abreast of developments in the law and judicial administration.

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