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Data and Information Security: Friend or Foe?

Rob Kleeger was a co-presenter for a webcast presented by the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) and sponsored by Meritas.

Data and information security is simply the ongoing process of ensuring that data and information systems are kept safe from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, destruction, modification, disruption or distribution. Now, more then ever, we live in a world were an enormous amount of information is created, exchanged, and stored electronically. With this proliferation comes the daunting task and legal obligation to keep the data and information safe, secure, and accessible.

Participants of the one-hour webcast program learned about business and legal reasons to address both data and information security, including Federal laws and standards enforced. The Speakers explored the costs experienced by companies that encounter a breach, including response costs, reputational costs, customer loss, and litigation. They will review examples to identify problems, examine key areas to ensure data and information are secure, and identify cost effective tips and practical policy tips to implement.

The webcast is approved and available for CLE credit in California, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

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