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Ethical Hacking and Cyber Insurance: Keeping Your Data Safe in a Leaky World

When it comes to data security, it pays to be protected.

Why should a small business worry about a data breach? Though many owners think that computer hackers and identity thieves only target big corporations, the fact is that most small businesses in the USA already have been exposed, or likely will be soon.

Rob Kleeger, Founder and Managing Director of Digital4nx Group, Ltd. conducted a webinar entitled “Ethical Hacking and Cyber Insurance: Keeping Your Data Secure” and discover where most small businesses tend to lose their sensitive data – then learn how to patch the holes in your system. He’ll cover crucial data security options such as:

  • How to create a data protection/breach policy
  • Common security breaches in small businesses
  • Potential data breach costs and the ethical implications of data loss
  • Cyber insurance basics, inc. what makes sense and what’s a waste of money
  • What you need to do to obtain insurance coverage


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