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Rob Kleeger speaks at 2016 CFO Innovation Conference on Cyber Security Panel

  • Metlife Stadium East Rutherford, NJ (map)

While the threats of outside hackers, malicious source code attacks, and the everyday digital threats which disrupts businesses of all sizes is a serious risk which CFO's, boards of directors, and risk managers have been focusing on over the past several years, the biggest threat still remains.  Are people the weakest link? 

Whether disgruntled or dishonest, whether destroying records or stealing intellectual property, it is shockingly easy for insiders to wreak havoc on your most valuable digital assets.

Unprotected data can leave your office on a thumb drive, a laptop, or through a personal email account. Once outside, there are plenty of lively markets for it, both online and off. From competitors looking for trade secrets, to criminals stealing customer data, to rogue states breaching national security — and much more — there is no shortage of buyers for any information that can be monetized.

Wherever the attack comes from, it can devastate your infrastructure, your client base, and your reputation. In today's world, a cyberattack is something you should almost expect and certainly plan to defend against.

Before you can begin to build your defense, you need to know what it is you must protect. Come join this panel of two subject matter experts... 

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