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Rob Kleeger speaks at (ISC)2 NY Metro Chapter on Incident Response


Rob Kleeger and Khizar Sheikh, Esq. will be speaking about Incident Response Challenges and Practical Approaches, Regulatory Expectations and Legal Considerations. 

Robert Kleeger will lead a foundational session, exploring the practical aspects of incident response when the threat actor is internal or external (e.g., nation-state, hacking as a service).  Robert will raise challenges and practical approaches to various network environments (e.g., on premises, off premises, off shore, virtual).  Current regulation and legal considerations for incident response will also be discussed followed by practical aspects of the delay between incident response and the obligation to report, and so much more. 

Khizar Sheikh, Esq. will lead an Audience Role Play.  A hypothetical has been carefully crafted to align with the foundational session and allow attendees to apply what they have learned.

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