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Digital4nx Group and Withum co-present for a Complimentary CPE Webinar: Are Law Firms Spending Their Money on the Wrong Areas of IT Security?


Mr. Joe Riccie, CPA, Partner and Cyber and Information Security Leader for Withum and Mr. Rob Kleeger, Founder and Managing Director of Digital4nx Group, Ltd. will be co-presenting to law firm decision makers about to learn about the data privacy and legal issues that may impact the way firms deal with clients' data and third parties. We'll examine how to implement best practices to offset the data breach trend. Additionally, we'll explain ransomware and social engineering, and how firms can help their clients (and yourselves) understand and deal with the financial and business risks these threats represent. Just because you use Microsoft Office 365 does not mean you're safe!

In this digital age of the cloud and software as a service (SaaS) deployments, more and more enterprise data is being created, transported, processed and stored outside of the corporate network boundaries. This makes traditional perimeter-based security controls and legacy network and endpoint protection solutions increasingly less relevant. Join us to learn about the data privacy and legal issues that may impact the way firms deal with clients’ data and third parties.


  • Review the traditional ways firms have been safeguarding their corporate network.

  • Examine the various compliance and risk aspects of the business of law.

  • Discuss the external and internal top cyber threats.

  • Identify practical ways to secure data from future threats.

  • Define ransomware and social engineering.

  • Discuss how even Microsoft Office 365 users are at risk.

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