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3:00 PM15:00

Rob Kleeger provides Webinar on Ransomware and Social Engineering: What's the Big Deal and What to Do?


Rob Kleeger will provide a Webinar to the ALA - Association of Legal Administrators

Ransomware hackers are increasingly using phishing and other social engineering attacks to sneak into consumer and business computers, encrypt files containing documents and other important data, and demand a ransom to get back the files. They sometimes pose as the FBI or other law enforcement officials and claim that the ransom is a fine for viewing illegal material and that failure to pay the fine will result in criminal prosecution. Consumers, businesses and government agencies are falling prey to these schemes. Please join us for our course for legal management professionals and lawyers on ransomware and social engineering, and how you can help your clients (and yourselves) understand and deal with the financial and business risks these threats represent.


  • Explain what ransomware and social engineering are, how they happen, and the dangers they pose.  
  • Discuss legal and law enforcement response and remedies.
  • Describe how to protect your clients and yourself. 
  • Discuss what happens if you do or don't pay the ransom.
  • Analyze the benefit of using an enterprise risk management approach.
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1:00 PM13:00

Digital4nx Group and Withum co-present for a Complimentary CPE Webinar: Are Law Firms Spending Their Money on the Wrong Areas of IT Security?


Mr. Joe Riccie, CPA, Partner and Cyber and Information Security Leader for Withum and Mr. Rob Kleeger, Founder and Managing Director of Digital4nx Group, Ltd. will be co-presenting to law firm decision makers about to learn about the data privacy and legal issues that may impact the way firms deal with clients' data and third parties. We'll examine how to implement best practices to offset the data breach trend. Additionally, we'll explain ransomware and social engineering, and how firms can help their clients (and yourselves) understand and deal with the financial and business risks these threats represent. Just because you use Microsoft Office 365 does not mean you're safe!

In this digital age of the cloud and software as a service (SaaS) deployments, more and more enterprise data is being created, transported, processed and stored outside of the corporate network boundaries. This makes traditional perimeter-based security controls and legacy network and endpoint protection solutions increasingly less relevant. Join us to learn about the data privacy and legal issues that may impact the way firms deal with clients’ data and third parties.


  • Review the traditional ways firms have been safeguarding their corporate network.

  • Examine the various compliance and risk aspects of the business of law.

  • Discuss the external and internal top cyber threats.

  • Identify practical ways to secure data from future threats.

  • Define ransomware and social engineering.

  • Discuss how even Microsoft Office 365 users are at risk.

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1:00 PM13:00

Digital4nx Group provides Ransomware Webinar in partnership with AudioSolutionz


Ransomware is rampant and poses an existential risk to every business, large and small. Understanding ransomware and avoiding ransomware attacks must be a priority for every company. Companies must also understand that if a ransomware attack does occur, cyber-insurance policies are available to ameliorate the damage.

Rob Kleeger along with expert speaker Robert D. Chesler, Esq., will discuss the essentials of ransomware and the insurance solutions to address it.

This session will better enable you to ward off all kinds of cyber threats and purchase insurance to protect yourself in the event of an attack.

Session Highlights
In this program, you will learn:

  • The best practices to protect your company from ransomware attacks
  • The techniques that cyber criminals use
  • The available insurance products to protect against ransomware
  • The world of cyber threats that afflict companies

AudioSolutionz, a division of ProEdTech LLC, is a leading online information platform for professionals and businesses.  Their webinars are led by top industry experts, contain relevant, concise and practical information to help professionals stay ahead in their careers and to help organizations stay ahead of the competition.

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Data Breaches & Cyber Threats: What Law Firms and Their Clients Need to Know About 21st Century Threats to Their Businesses
3:30 PM15:30

Data Breaches & Cyber Threats: What Law Firms and Their Clients Need to Know About 21st Century Threats to Their Businesses

This CLE seminar will examine the landscape of data breaches and cyber threats to both law firms and the businesses they represent.

The faculty includes attorneys, a digital forensic and data security expert,  and insurance experts who will explore the emerging case law and regulations in this area as well as insurance products now available to cover these risks and issues related to such coverage.

Since law firms are as vulnerable as the businesses they represent, consideration will be given to the risks law firms of all sizes face from cyber threats and what should be done to mitigate those risks.

Topics include

  • How to counsel clients to avoid problems

  • What to do once a data breach is detected

  • What insurance products are available to cover losses due to data breaches

  • Limitations of insurance coverage

  • Other practical advice for lawyers and their clients

The live program offers 1.5 Pennsylvania and 1.8 New Jersey CLE credits. 


John B. Kearney, Partner
Ballard Spahr Privacy and Data Security Group


Philip N. Yannella, Practice Group Leader  
Ballard Spahr Privacy and Data Security Group

Beth Moskow-Schnoll, Partner
Ballard Spahr Privacy and Data Security Group

Uri Gutfreund
National Law Firm Practice Leader, Risk Strategies Company

Robert H. Rosenzweig
National Cyber Risk Practice Leader, Risk Strategies Company

Rob Kleeger
Managing Director, Digital4nxGroup, Ltd.

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1:00 PM13:00

LRG members John Fitzgerald, Uri Gutfreund, and Rob Kleeger featured moderator, panelists at NYLJ Cyber Security Webinar


Cyber Security attacks are at an all-time high.  Now more than ever, law firm management needs to take appropriate measures to both protect the firm and uphold the firm’s ethical obligation to preserve client data.  This New York Law Journal webinar will offer practical guidance and strategies to help law firms minimize the risks of a cyber security breach, which can lead to devastating financial losses, exposure of confidential client information, and damage to a firm’s reputation — its most important asset.  This panel of distinguished experts will cover the following:  

  • Best-practices, policies, and procedures to defend against attacks;
  • Technological resources and solutions to help protect your firm; and  
  • Insurance coverage options to transfer some of the financial risk.


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