Vulnerability Assessment:

Digital4nx Group's security team will attempt to identify security vulnerabilities and/or software configuration errors on one or more computer systems and networks owned and/or operated by the Client. 

SCANNING & ENUMERATION: The Security Team will run enterprise-grade security tools on the Client network in order to detect available resources and enumerate security issues. This includes scanning for:

• Vulnerabilities
• Missing security patches
• Viruses
• Malware
• Backdoors
• Hosts communicating with botnet-infected systems
• Known/unknown processes
• Web services linking to malicious content
• Rogue or forgotten devices
• Potentially unwanted or unmanaged software

Note: Access to the internal network shall be granted by Client by connecting a secure device into any internal network ethernet port. The device will be mailed to client by Digital4nx in advance of the test.

MANUAL ASSESSMENT:  Digital4nx Group Security Team will also use advanced manual techniques to further evaluate the resources and vulnerabilities detected. We will look for risks and show how a potential real-world compromise of your systems might occur.

FINAL REPORT: Upon completion of the Vulnerability Assessment, we provide a detailed report on our findings. The report will be strictly confidential.


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